Beyond Ego's Materialism

Being formulated and written, estimated publication date - 2018

Jeremy Dorosin is now working on a new book, STARBUCKED-OLOGY - Beyond Ego's Materialism. This new book explores the origins of the British empiricist philosophers, and economic thinkers, who founded this country's thoughts and beliefs, and it's self-representative democracy. This new book begins by detailing Jeremy Dorosin's documented public exploits against Starbucks, corporate greed, and centers its inquiry on an analysis of the Western ego, and its post Industrial Age extension into materialism, which requires more and more of the Earth's natural resources to fulfill its material desires, while laying the certain groundwork for environmentally sponsored mass human extinction. The necessary transcendence of the Western ego is this upcoming book's central thesis, along with the theoretical development of new cultural anthropological norms which favorably reduce global environmental destruction, while introducing a more true democratic form than the existing, exclusively materialistic one - no true democracy representing the will of the majority electively chooses self-destruction over survival. This new book suggests severely modifying ego's materialism with a new and necessary standard,  giving expression to a Western compatibility that serves human needs, while choosing the option of Enlightenment, over and above the destructive desire for incessant materialism.